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Inpiration for April 30

“In life, there will be people who love you, people who dislike you, and people who don’t care. Focus on people who love you. To be lovable, first love yourself.”

Service Sucks at Nokia “Service” Centre @Wheelock

Yes, the title says it all.

Part Two of the saga of my malfunctioning Nokia 6500c.

After my last visit to the Handphone Clinic on 24 March as per my previous post, now a month later I finally managed to squeeze out some time to go to the Centre this afternoon.

Now the mobile phone hangs intermittently (very bad when you are expecting and making important business calls), does not sync with the Nokia PC suite (so unable to backup), and somehow its reception is always bad (again disrupting incoming and outgoing calls).

I dutifully waited for my turn. About 15 minutes, still ok.

Mr Pin Wan, a very sleepy young chap was my customer service staff. He was basically droopy and extremely slow-mo in asking me for my complaints, and also took ages to fill up the form.

Better still, he was using a recycled form with some other previous customer’s name and had the cheek to ask me to sign on the paper. I also placed the warranty card right in front of him and he still asked me to tell him the warranty number. Gosh, this dude is really in la-la land.

Overall, I did not feel that I was served well.

Nokia better start doing QC for its service staff. Or else might as well get a computer/robot to do it.

At least they can be programmed correctly.

Makes us question why we spend hundreds of dollars (must always count in the lock-in period from any line provider) on a phooey phone, then waste time to travel back and forth to the service centre, bear with insufferable “service” personnel, and then still have a half-baked product to start all over again.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Please improve on your product and service.

It’s all that we, your customers, ask of you.

Inspiration for April 29

“Peace, like charity, begins at home.”Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Forbidden Kingdom (3/5 stars)

Movie Poster- The Forbidden Kingdom
Watched this movie on a whim over the weekend.

Was deciding between Forbidden Kingdom, Harold and Kumar and Superhero Movie.

Using our left brains, we figured that Star Power, Jacky Chan humour, special effects would be the order of the day.

That’s really about it for this movie.

Leave your brain behind.

Plot is shaky, but otherwise, it has decent choreographed fight scenes between the two biggest kungfu stars around.

Yeah, this show is good for fans of both stars.

Inspiration for April 28

“Without inner peace, it is impossible to have world peace.”Dalai Lama

Inspiration for April 27

“At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love”Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Soulful music videos: Sarah McLachlan

One of my favourite singers. I love the pitch of her voice.

1) Angel

2) I will remember you

3) Fallen

4) Winter song

5) Time after time – with Cindy Lauper