Sex and The City (5/5 stars)

Get CARRIEd away

The long awaited movie of the hit series Sex and the City is finally here.

There was a debacle on each star’s pay package, who is bigger than who, who gets more exposure (well, I think the girls’ bits have been exposed here and there, especially the character Samantha Jones more so than the rest).

I’ve been a fan of the series and managed to catch the dvds of some entire seasons.

And I’m just so glad to see how it so neatly culminates in this movie finale.

The movie is thoroughly entertaining, with its fair share of laughter, fluffy bits, joys and sorrows, as well as movie moments of high strung emotion (be prepared for the part between Carrie and Mr Big).

Jennifer Hudson (of American Idol fame) plays a good supporting role as Carrie’s assistant.

As usual, modern Mars and Venus issues are intelligently brought up and the script is very well-written. Kudos to this series and what a good way to end.

Cheers to the first 50, and let’s look forward to 50 more good ones.

3 responses to “Sex and The City (5/5 stars)

  1. Haha… I thoroughly agree! Kudos to the cast and producers!

  2. It wasn’t Kate Hudson, but Jennifer Hudson playing Carrie’s assistant.

  3. Thanks Catsworking for pointing out the wrong Hudson.

    Duly amended.

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