Heaven’s Glories and the Untold Terrors of Hell

Author: Dr Brian J. Bailey

Dr Brian J. Bailey is currently the president of Zion Fellowship International, Zion Ministerial Institute, and Zion University. He has traveled to over 100 countries during the past 50 years of his ministry and been a tremendous blessing. He has authored more than 40 Christian books, teaching believers the ways of God, and establishing them on the pathway of holiness that leads to spiritual Mount Zion.

ISBN: 1-59665-057-5

Genre: Christianity

“In contemplating the terrible laxity in the Church today, one realizes the urgent need to warn people of all the terrors of hell. So many people are in a spiritual daze, without an understanding of the reality of heaven and hell.

The author was compelled by God to write this book, drawing from his own experiences and the experiences that others have had of the glories of heaven and the torments of hell. He was burdened to warn the believer and unbeliever alike that what you do in this short life will affect your eternal end.

Dr Bailey clearly presents God-given heavenly goals, as well as dire warnings of the fiery furnace into which those who once knew Christ and forsook Him are plunged.

As you peruse this powerful study, may it cause you to determine to find and remain on that pathway of holiness that will lead to Christ, avoiding the pitfalls of sin that will only lead to hell.” – Back cover

I had the opportunity to hear the author speak about Hell last night during the 3 day conference.

Dr Bailey strikes me as a person who speaks with authority and anointing.

He is more than 80 years of age, and is not from the hyper dynamic evangelical speaker camp, nor the extremely legalistic denominational camp.

He does not sugercoat his words and simply says it like it is.

The vivid descriptions of Hell and eternal suffering definitely burned an impression in me.

One response to “Heaven’s Glories and the Untold Terrors of Hell


    Praise Jesus and thanks for all you are doing for God may you be blessed. I have attended Zion Ministerial Institute here in Uganda now am helping in teaching others. I want to thank God for Zion materials are very good and they have helped me alot very,very much God the work you are doing. How can i get that book HEAVEN’S GLORIES? Am pastoring a church called ACTS DELIVERANCE CHURCH-MASINDI UGANDA. Glory be to God. Thanks.

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