Movie Review: Wanted (3/5 stars)

This is like a movie for meat-eaters who are given a hamburger.

Just throw away the buns at both ends. The patty is juicy and sumptous, though a complete meal it does not make.

Some parallels must be drawn with The Matrix.

1) The protoganist is a loser dude in a loser job living in a loser house – basically life sucks, something better is out there.

2) Hot sizzling bad chick (aka Dream Babe of all hot-blooded men) hooks up with loser

3) Lots of shit happens (shooting, explosions, car chases) and someone is out to kill loser

4) He is Special (The One)

5) He gets training to unlock his powers

6) He has a Mission

7) Finally he beats the bad guys (sorry but this ain’t an M. Night Shyamalan movie where any spoiler will kill the twist which makes up the whole movie)

And that’s quite where the similarities end.

Granted that Wanted has great Matrix-like special effects (bullets that bend?)

Granted it has one of most spectacular car chase scenes rivaling my favourite Bourne franchises.

And granted James McAvoy ala Wesley Gibson does justice to his role better than the one dimensional Keanu Reeves ala Neo.

Hmmn, indeed throw away the buns as The Fraternity of Assassin’s core belief is to kill one to save a thousand. Yeah, just for kicks throw in some prophetic weaving thread.

And the hero’s parting shot, “Take control of your own destiny. What about you? What are you doing about your destiny?”

I seriously thought that the camera would then pan to James McAvoy who would do a Neo Superman thingy and go up up and away.

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