Monthly Archives: September 2008

Quiz #5

I am weightless, but you can see me. Put me in a bucket, and I’ll make it lighter. What am I?

Quiz #4

“From the beginning of eternity,

To the end of time,

To the beginning of all end

And the end of every place.

What am I?

Quiz #3

I give you a group of three. One is sitting down and will never get up. The second eats as much as is given to him, yet is always hungry. The third goes away and never returns. What are they?

Quiz # 2

“If you break me,

I do not stop working.

If you touch me,

I may be snared.

If you lose me,

Nothing will matter.

What am I?

Best way to increase prices

I found out the best way to answer to your customers when they complain about price increase at your food stall. Paste a newspaper article right below the new prices.

Blame it on the economy, inflation, and everything else.

All grouses will be nipped in the bud.

‘Nuff said.

Sherry got her PDDL!

Yes, our dear Jack Russell is 10 months old, so in dog years she can get her Provisional Dog Driving License!