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SMS phone scam: Vent your frus thru newspaper

Do look at my original post which generated 32 comments sharing similiar experiences and individuals who took the effort to make police reports and report it to CASE (Consumer’s Association of Singapore) and the subsequent post.

Apparently a journalist with a newspaper is writing a story about it.

Anyone with who wants to share their woes should contact her. She left a message in my blog as follows:

Hi there, I’m a journalist with SPH mypaper, and I’m actually doing a story on this hp scam. Hopefully you can get back to me and share abit more on your story? You can email me, or call me at 6319 5257. Thanks alot! If you have any friends who had the same experience and wish to share with me their thoughts as well, feel free to ask them to contact me. =)


Movie Review: Quantum of Solace (3/5 stars)


Anyone looking for a fast-paced action flick will give this latest James Bond full marks.

From the start till the end, I lost count of the number of running chase scenes, with lots of glass-breaking, jumping across roofs, cars/planes/boats chase scenes.

Daniel Crag’s portrayal of the new Bond is a rough and tumble, bleed and bone-crunching 007. Perhaps this is what the Director feels is the reflection of the modern Bond.

Personally, I still prefer previous Bond flicks with the Brit gentlemen’s class and nice one-liners. They had a classic feel to it. Higher social class character with a dash of humour, a certain sex appeal (Daniel Crag oozes more tough guy, six-pecs kind of testosterone appeal).

Too many chase scenes packed into this movie with less plot and character development.

It’s just less Bond.