Movie Review: Quantum of Solace (3/5 stars)


Anyone looking for a fast-paced action flick will give this latest James Bond full marks.

From the start till the end, I lost count of the number of running chase scenes, with lots of glass-breaking, jumping across roofs, cars/planes/boats chase scenes.

Daniel Crag’s portrayal of the new Bond is a rough and tumble, bleed and bone-crunching 007. Perhaps this is what the Director feels is the reflection of the modern Bond.

Personally, I still prefer previous Bond flicks with the Brit gentlemen’s class and nice one-liners. They had a classic feel to it. Higher social class character with a dash of humour, a certain sex appeal (Daniel Crag oozes more tough guy, six-pecs kind of testosterone appeal).

Too many chase scenes packed into this movie with less plot and character development.

It’s just less Bond.

One response to “Movie Review: Quantum of Solace (3/5 stars)

  1. I concur. My sentiments exactly, it’s just not an arch typical Bond show. There’s a third instalment though, perhaps all questions will be answered then!

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