Monthly Archives: June 2009

Last 4 movies (sequels) I watched

One word sums up the movies being produced nowadays, which also parallels my blogging escapades – lacklasture.

Terminator Salvation, fourth instalment of the Terminator series, just fizzles under the weight of fan expectation, since the last 2003 B-grade flick. I was expecting Christian Bale to revitalise the whole franchise (just like Batman returns) but I guess, you’ll also need a good director. Special effects no longer wow in this time and era (unlike T2 with the then cool morphing effects), so plot needs to be solid, as do character development, which is below average.

Similarly, Angels and Demons seem to lack a punch. Somehow, Prof Langdon is a muted and watered-down version of the first film when he was so going on and on about Church mis-history. This is just a shortened version of the amazing race to find the 4 kidnapped cardinals.

And, what fury hath been unleashed by Wolverine? Nothing too extreme, nor savage, nor unexpected. The final showdown with Deadpool was a yawn.

Guess the only show living up to its franchise expectation was Fast and Furious 4. Yup, throw in a couple of fast cars, cool chicks, hot bods, and let the races begin. Loved the scene with the car advancing towards a crashing oil tanker.

I think the moguls at Hollywood need to rethink making sequels. Stick to old fashioned original stories, and really, really tell stories. Make us believe in the imaginary world you have created on screen. Let us feel the emotions of the characters, and make us catch our breath with the scene after scene of movie magic.