Movie Review: Inglourious Basterds (4/5 stars)


Quentin Tarantino is back.

With a vengence.

And in this film, he exacts it on all camps – the good guys, the bad guys (which is which is really from whose perspective). What the audience is assured of is one good ol’ spaghetti western-styled movie set in the backdrop of WWII nazi-occupied France.

The script is tight, the lines are masterfully written, top it off with Christoph Waltz’s (best actor worthy) portrayal of Col Hans Landa, unofficially nicknamed “Jew Hunter” of the SS, and you have many layers of richly-crafted scenes that left me in awe.

The first “interrogation” scene is still etched firmly in my mind as I recalled how Waltz so efferverscently lured his host, the French farmer into a false sense of security through his sophisticated , cultured and highly manipulative style (hawks and rats analogy), which finally broke down the farmer.

Pin-drop tension is found at many points of the movie, where the actors are faced with life or death decisions, and Quentin just knows how long to stretch these nail-biting moments.

Humour is also found in many characters, notably Brad Pitt’s Lt Aldo Raine (the Apache). It was hilarious watching Pitt’s portrayal of a hill-billy red neck (yeah, with a lynching scar to boot). Aldo’s confidence in his Italian linguistic prowess was too much to take when confronted with Landa’s quick reparte.

This movie is about impeccable dialogue, acting and good old-fashioned story-telling. Kudos.

One response to “Movie Review: Inglourious Basterds (4/5 stars)

  1. Yes, love that show too! And I think Brad Pitt take top honours!

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