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Movie Review: 2012 (3/5 stars)


Disaster maestro film director Roland Emmerich is back at his forte again (after a hiatus since Independence Day, and The Day After Tomorrow).

Expect the best movie effects in scenes like flooding, huge earth and mountain moving quakes, buildings collapsing, subway trains hurling over airplanes. I mean, the scenes are intense, and at some points, it grips you such that you’ll wonder what you will do if you’re ever in such a situation (even 10% of the scale is bad enough).

However, I think this film lacks the relationship touch that was much stronger in The Day After Tomorrow  – father (Dennis Quad) & son (Jake Gyllenhaal), and the characterisation in Independence Day (hot shot wise crack Will Smith).

Only snippets were inserted in various points of the movie (I liked the Russian billionare’s last minute valiant act).

The choice of vessels for saving humanity reminded me of the Biblical parallel, especially the part when the animals were also being loaded onboard.

That said, this movie is worth the watch, though I cannot imagine crunching on popcorns when seeing so many people perish in one disaster scene after the next.