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Book Recommendation: Tender Warrior by Stu Webere

Normally, I don’t do this, but I’m gonna share about this book before I finish it (now currently at page 220 of page 278) cos I feel that it’s really, really, really what the world is short of (me included).

It’s just what men need, and men who get it will truly give women what they need.

Just a peek on the back cover desciption:


Young men aspire to it. Women admire it. Yet the definition of manhood itself is obscured by a culture in moral free fall. This book cuts through the fog and defines a powerful blueprint for being the man – the Tender Warrior – that God desires for you and your family. You’ll discover that a Tender Warrior:

– watches out for what lies ahead – like a wagon train scout;

– keeps his commitments, no matter how painful;

– has a tender heart beating beneath his armour;

– understands his responsibility to his wife, children, and friends;

– recognizes that he is “under orders from higher headquarters.”

Stu Weber’s now classic teaching on a man’s vigilance, staying power, and consideration for the women in his life will move you to pursue the man you were created to be.