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MBS Facebook promo for PSY’s free concert gone awry

Act 1: Scene 1

On Monday 26 November around 618pm, Yahoo News Singapore puts out a press release of the free PSY concert on , with a link to MBS facebook page for this event (see above screen capture).

So after reading the Yahoo News, at about 645pm,  I proceeded to click on the link and it asked me just to “LIKE” that page. Once it is liked, it says  “Looks like you are all psyched up and ready for the event of the year.”

There is a “Register Below“. But NO online form. And only instructions to turn up on 28 November between 12pm-8pm to collect the free ticket. So I assume their computer programming is so efficient that it captures my facebook account or my facebook registered email or whatever.

I asked my girlfriend to do the same.

Good thing she took a photo of the screen (see below) at about 720pm.

Act 1: Scene 2

I was pretty happy this morning to see the front page news article about the event, thinking that me and my gf secured our tickets.

Then I went to the same FB page again and saw that it closed registrations and asked successful people to collect tickets on Wednesday.

Act 1: Scene 3

Then came the bummer.

A facebook FAQ update sometime today by MBS says that we needed to fill up a form (what form?) and a confirmation email was to be sent (what email?).

Kena snooked liao.

And not just the two of us. At least another 173 comments poured in asking MBS to clarify (see below).

How MBS handles this bit of fiasco will determine their public relations handling skill as well as how much they really value “Giving Back to Singapore” as they coined the whole theme of the concert.

Well, the ball is in your court now, dear MBS.

And on internet social media time, the clock is ticking fast!

Act 2: Final Scene

Seems that MBS has acknowledged that some visitors to their FB page may have encountered some technical difficulty similar to what I described above, and they said that they would learn from this experience for their next promo.

Good enough for me, given that I did not pay any money for this whole debacle.

Act 3: Scene 3

Happy to see the final product on youtube. We have PSY in Singapore. I myself was just a distance away at the Esplanade Theatre catching Crazy Christmas.

The Psy factor in Gangnam Style


Today’s broadsheet newspapers declared Gangnam Style the most watched Youtube video in the world, overtaking Justin Bieber’s video at around 810 million views.

Wow! Salute.

When I first came across the video from a friend’s FB posting, it was only at 16 million views. Not bad for a video which was uploaded in July and within 5 months, it has hit the motherload.

For those who have not watched it yet (perhaps you’re new to the internet?), here’s the music video.

What makes Psy and Gangnam Style so popular?

Well, the video got me the moment I started watching. The infectious music beats, the energetic pace, the uber loud visuals, the cool kid dancing by Psy’s side (he must be 5 or 6 years old?).


And mostly Psy.

His choice of outlandish clothes, his irreverence and ability to poke fun at himself, and behind this crazy song is actually a neatly packaged satire mocking the Gangnam lifestyle: the excessive pursuit of image, good looks, success and affluence. Not as hollow as it originally seems, when you decipher the translated lyrics.

And I’d think parents will breathe a sigh a relief as this music video would likely get a PG-13 rating. No nudity, cleavages, bikinis or lingerie. The furthest it went was to portray a nice S (ass) doing some yoga thingy.


But beyond the Gangnam Style, Psy himself can do emotional songs pretty well too.

I liked his rendition of this song paying tribute to fathers.

Psy is going places for sure.

Did I mention that my current iPhone 5 ringtone belts “Oppa Gangnam Style, Hey Sexy Lady….OPP OPP OPP..”

Of CB Leaves and Sergeants

Just two days ago while I was cooped up on a hill in the western part of Singapore (where they have left nature intact) with 12 other men in green, we were running out of topics to talk about.

We had run through the gamut of Religion (scandals mostly), Politics (completely scandalous), and now like most guys deprived of a skirt for days on end, we moved on to Sex (Centerfold of Scandals in “Corruption”-Free but not Sex-Free Singapore).

One of the guys who was doing his last high-key ICT (In Camp Training) confessed that he did not know what a CB leaf (see picture) was or why it was called so (“Chee Bye” is the Hokkien phrase for the vagina).

The gang then pounced on our newbie, the latest posting to our node (1st ICT) and certainly one guy who we affectionately called “Boy Boy” for his obedience and lack of a certain “weathered” experience of the world. Gosh, “Boy Boy” also calls me Sergeant all the time and I believe I’ve hardly been addressed as such in all of my reservist days and even my active days.

After a while, with much puzzled look on the size of the leaf (nope, that’s not it), it’s overall shape (not so too), he finally discovered the answer (just google it and you’ll find something). Much to our chagrin, he told us he just recently tied the knot two months ago.

It’s really something to bear with the discomfort of the great outdoors in our army greens, eating combat rations and pooping in the bushes in the fastest possible time (to get the least number of mosquito bites on our bare bottoms and exposed thighs). Hell, I know of several buddies who have such mental willpower to hold it all in and self-constipate so that they can altogether avoid the unpleasant business of doing big business.

It’s another thing when you put all these men together with nothing much to do but talk. Men just don’t talk like women do. We put out all the facts, we analyse, we criticise, and we jump at the opportunity to offer solutions.

And then we move on to other news-worthy topics.

After that, we look for the nearest stack of cards, or some solid fuel to go build a fire. Nowadays, I notice the handphone is quite a good distraction too.

It’s just the way men are wired.

Good thing was that our reinforcements came in the nick of time, and now jolly old Sergeant can go to watch Jack Neo’s Ah Boys to Men in the movie theatre and laugh at the good ‘ol CB leaf shenanigans.


Food Review: Buffet Town


Service: Good. Staff are very attentive and clear plates fast

Variety: Excellent. Fresh seafood, sashimi, grilled meats and seafood, teppanyaki, zi char crabs, peranakan & singaporean cuisine, desserts

Best to make reservations. Location is basement one of Raffles City.

Food Review for New Burger Joint: Omakase Burger @ Old Turf Club


I saw this place being reviewed on 8Days magazine so I decided to check it out with my gf during a weekday afternoon. I met the owner’s dad who was helping out and he was very friendly and personable. Prices are on the higher side but I would say that it’s worth every dollar.

I tried the house burger called the Omakase Cheese Burger and the patty was done the way I like it – medium rare, very soft, juicy and hot, just made me want to keep on munching down on the burger. Good thing it was for tea time,  cos if it was dinner time I think I’ll need to get another one. Tried the sweet potato fries. Nothing special. Next time I’ll try the cheese fries. Pickles are free for all available at the station for mustard, chilli and tomato sauce.

Root beer float in a frosted mug was nice.

Definitely will revisit again.

DIY steak dinner

On a rainy saturday afternoon, there was not much activities to do outdoors, and no new movies to catch, so I decided to cook. It was a while since I hit the stove. I bought the meat from a place (recommended by a buddy of mine) called Foodie Market Place at Tiong Bahru,

Fantastic shop. Great prices. And they’ll listen to what you need and make recommendations for you. This black angus grass fed ribeye with good marbling was $3.75 per 100g. And 4 pieces cost me $29. Juicy, soft, tender, succulent and great taste.

Will definitely go back for more purchases. Next time I’ll try the baby back ribs.

Value-for-money Roast Duck

Address: Blk 3020, Ubi Avenue 2.

Price: $15 per roasted duck

Tip #1: If you know how to chop it up, ask them for the whole duck and you can also skip the queue for them to chop it up. I feel that this will preserve the crispiness of the skin. On another occasion that I asked them to chop it up (no queue that day), I ran some errands and only brought the duck home after 1 hour. What resulted was that the skin became not so crispy, on borderline moist due to condensation in the styrofoam container.

Tip #2: Forget about the roast pork. That is only so-so.

Rating: 4/5

Taste: Flavourful, not too salty, cripsy skin (if you take back a whole unchopped duck), and each duck is quite big too.

Will definitely go back if I want to get a whole roast duck.