Food Review for New Burger Joint: Omakase Burger @ Old Turf Club


I saw this place being reviewed on 8Days magazine so I decided to check it out with my gf during a weekday afternoon. I met the owner’s dad who was helping out and he was very friendly and personable. Prices are on the higher side but I would say that it’s worth every dollar.

I tried the house burger called the Omakase Cheese Burger and the patty was done the way I like it – medium rare, very soft, juicy and hot, just made me want to keep on munching down on the burger. Good thing it was for tea time,  cos if it was dinner time I think I’ll need to get another one. Tried the sweet potato fries. Nothing special. Next time I’ll try the cheese fries. Pickles are free for all available at the station for mustard, chilli and tomato sauce.

Root beer float in a frosted mug was nice.

Definitely will revisit again.

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