Value-for-money Roast Duck

Address: Blk 3020, Ubi Avenue 2.

Price: $15 per roasted duck

Tip #1: If you know how to chop it up, ask them for the whole duck and you can also skip the queue for them to chop it up. I feel that this will preserve the crispiness of the skin. On another occasion that I asked them to chop it up (no queue that day), I ran some errands and only brought the duck home after 1 hour. What resulted was that the skin became not so crispy, on borderline moist due to condensation in the styrofoam container.

Tip #2: Forget about the roast pork. That is only so-so.

Rating: 4/5

Taste: Flavourful, not too salty, cripsy skin (if you take back a whole unchopped duck), and each duck is quite big too.

Will definitely go back if I want to get a whole roast duck.


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