The Psy factor in Gangnam Style


Today’s broadsheet newspapers declared Gangnam Style the most watched Youtube video in the world, overtaking Justin Bieber’s video at around 810 million views.

Wow! Salute.

When I first came across the video from a friend’s FB posting, it was only at 16 million views. Not bad for a video which was uploaded in July and within 5 months, it has hit the motherload.

For those who have not watched it yet (perhaps you’re new to the internet?), here’s the music video.

What makes Psy and Gangnam Style so popular?

Well, the video got me the moment I started watching. The infectious music beats, the energetic pace, the uber loud visuals, the cool kid dancing by Psy’s side (he must be 5 or 6 years old?).


And mostly Psy.

His choice of outlandish clothes, his irreverence and ability to poke fun at himself, and behind this crazy song is actually a neatly packaged satire mocking the Gangnam lifestyle: the excessive pursuit of image, good looks, success and affluence. Not as hollow as it originally seems, when you decipher the translated lyrics.

And I’d think parents will breathe a sigh a relief as this music video would likely get a PG-13 rating. No nudity, cleavages, bikinis or lingerie. The furthest it went was to portray a nice S (ass) doing some yoga thingy.


But beyond the Gangnam Style, Psy himself can do emotional songs pretty well too.

I liked his rendition of this song paying tribute to fathers.

Psy is going places for sure.

Did I mention that my current iPhone 5 ringtone belts “Oppa Gangnam Style, Hey Sexy Lady….OPP OPP OPP..”

One response to “The Psy factor in Gangnam Style

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