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Theatre Review: Crazy Christmas 2012 by Dream Academy Productions

Crazy Christmas Poster

I chanced upon this production from Thursday’s newspaper (what to do, outpro from reservist straightaway wanna be entertained instead of entertaining the NS guys) and immediately got tickets for Saturday’s show.

I just realised I went for the family-friendly version with Hossan Leong instead of the “naughty” version with Kumar. It’s ok, I had sufficient Kumar doses over the years.

First delightful surprise: Me and the gf got upgraded from Circus 3 to Circus 1.

Great start.

Like Black Eye Peas sang, “I got a feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a good night…tonight’s gonna be a good, good nite…”

I’ve always enjoyed Selena Tan’s productions. My previous outing some months back for Happy Ever Laughter was quite a joyful and hilarious ride. So it was really something to savour one of the first segments I would call The Wizard of Oz (Singaporean version) , with Adrian Pang, Selena Tan, Karen Tan and Judee Tan.

Incredible characterizations with spot-on spoofs on the latest scandals and funny business invading real-time Singapore.

And the clincher for me and my gf must be Judee Tan coming on later for her own TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) segment. So as Teo Chew Muay would say, TCM TCM session, in her ditsy high pitch, which is also double-boiled. My laugh-o-meter was registering record breaking earthquakes.

Add to that impeccable pacing of the segments with nary a dull moment, great renditions of the classic christmas tunes as well as old school silver screen goldies and we have a winner!

Did I mention a bevy of dancing babes called the “Merry Miss a Toes”?

Looks like Christmas came early this year.

This sexy ensemble plus everything else put together and we have a sumptuous and merry Crazy Christmas 2012 at the Esplanade Theatre.

Movie Review: Ah Boys to Men


The timing that I caught this movie could not be more apt.

I outpro (out-processd) from my 6th high key ICT (in-camp training) on a Thursday and caught this army movie on the very next day, with the past 3 weeks’ still extremely fresh in my mind. See my recent post.

First things first.

I go to see this movie knowing what I’ll expect from a typical Jack Neo show – local dialects with Singaporean slapstick humour. So I don’t expect any Oscar-winning cinematography, thought-provoking script, thespian acting or heart wrenching music scores. Any other extras will be a bonus.

Besides all the real depictions of army life then and now, I kinda liked his opening camera-panning sequence over many Singaporean landmarks and districts. It’s just something I don’t get to see much on the big screen, so familiarity sinks very nicely close to my heart.

The opening sequence of the attack and war scenes in familiar parts of Singapore did strike a chord in me, and the CGI sequences, though not James Cameron level, was passable. I was surprised that SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) gave Jack Neo lots of assistance in terms of military equipment, vehicles, camps and locations shoots.

The ubiquitous CB leaf scene puzzled me for the blurred out (self censorship I suppose?) portion where they showed why it was called The CB leaf. I thought that there was really nothing R-rated in showing the actual portion of the base stem where it opened into the leaf.

And one of my favourite sergeants was the one from the past, acted by Justin Mission.

Justin Mission playing old time sergeant

This character suits Justin to a “T”. Knowing him from his D&D emcee gigs, he is a real joker and one extremely animated character. Something like our Singapore version of Jim Carrey. And the foul-mouthed Hokkien spewing, wise-cracking and psycho sergeant is extremely fun to watch.

The main lead character is nothing to shout about. I prefer his buddy, Mr Lobang king, who is all street-smarts and also quite a comedian.

That said, I reckon Jack Neo is the smartest alec around, splitting this movie into 2 parts, with Part 2 slated for a February 2013 release during the CNY (Chinese New Year) period.

From $ to more $$$ dollars.

Not bang, bang, bang.

But Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching.