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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Beautiful

The Tipping Point

In recent days, I observe signs that things are coming to a brew.

A boiling point. A tipping point, so to speak.

From the pages of wikipedia, I quote

“In science, a tipping point is the point at which a system is displaced from a state of stable equilibrium into a different state.

Examples are:

Tipping point (physics), in which the system is the position of a physical object
Tipping point (sociology), is the event of a previously rare phenomenon becoming rapidly and dramatically more common.
Tipping point (climatology), in which the system is the global climate”

Many things in Singapore have come to a tipping point.

In May 2011, Singapore’s opposition party the Worker’s Party won the first ever GRC (Group Representation Constituency) in Aljunied . The first ever win for the Opposition in what was considered the ruling PAP (People’s Action Party) stronghold over the opposition. At election rallies, there was such a ground swell of building resentment over what citiizens felt was an accumulation of years of political arrogance.

On 25th October 2011, Singapore witnessed it’s 5th death reported within 5 months at the same Bedok Reservoir. Suicides or at least unnatural deaths had become so common there that the our ex-Foreign Minister and several religious leaders held a prayer and spiritual ceremony at the location. Signboards with SOS helplines were also erected around the reservoir grounds.

On Thursday, 15th December 2011, Singapore’s rail transit system, the SMRT broke down along the North South Line during evening peak hours, affecting 127,000 commuters during the 5-hour shutdown, where several trains that stalled had passengers stuck inside with little ventilation, a lack of air, and some without any light. In one train, a passenger had to break the glass window with a fire extinguisher so that air could come inside the carriage. Two days later, on Saturday 17 December, the SMRT broke down again along the North South Line for seven hours, affecting 94,000 commuters. Prior to this massive breakdown, the SMRT broke down on the Circle line on Wednesday 14th December for some 40 minutes and also for 4 hours in September.

Public transport is very dear to Singaporeans. Both literally and figuratively. The Public Transport Council had approved a 1% increase in bus and train fares that took effect on 8 October 2011, despite many protests (not phyical ones which are outlawed). Then on 12 December 2011, Singapore’s major taxi operator Comfort Delgro announced it’s increase in taxi fares.

Add to this the latest SMRT fiasco, and I can imagine a tipping point coming soon. Things will not be hunky dory or same old same old anymore.

People are starting to question how things are being run. People with pink colored ICs (Identity Cards) as well as blue colored ICs. Heck even the huge numbers bearing the different work passes cannot be mollycoddled.

The strains of packing in so many people on a tiny island in such a short span of time is showing.

When the fat lady sings, how will it all pan out?

For those who wish to hold accountable those responsible for the SMRT breakdowns, you may like to visit the link below to put your name to a petition

Give up your seat Petition | GoPetition

And I had a compelling urge to link this article to another blog which had a masterpiece of satirical writing. A classic. A beautifully composed blog on Singapore titled

Manifestations of the Singaporean Rot


Ching Chong, Ling Long, Ting Tong

This is really classic. I chanced upon this on one of my fav blogs and it really shows how fast times have changed, and what really the new generation of internet is like.

Basically, this chick is ranting herself full of nonsense and we immediately get tons of responses on the same youtube media that broadcast it. First, take a load of this original video that sparked it off

Then check out some responses, first from this guy that is making a parody of her rant

and another one from this dude who’s making a comedy segment out of it,

and finally, my personal favourite is this cool guy Jimmy who made a music video response,

Jimmy turns out to be really talented, he sings and plays and I really dig the video editing. So check out Jimmy’s other productions

and what’s more, Jimmy is donating 100% of all his profits from his itunes sold to Japan for it’s recovery from the tsunami disaster. Way to go man!

Singing Sensation Sam Tsui on Youtube

I just happened to chance upon this guy and he has quite a voice. Doesn’t hurt that the video editing is not too bad as well. Here’s a couple of his vids, scroll down for a surprise at the end.

Above is a Michael Jackson medley compilation.

I kinda liked the Glee song.

Another song he did called Firefires, and check out the last video. This guy Sam Tsui is actually a ……drumroll………….a student at Yale. Check out this unconventional admissions and recruitment video done by Yale Alumni and Students (Sam Tsui appears at 3:15)

Bollywood on Singapore’s MRT Trains

I enjoyed this young man’s bollywood song and “pole dance” on our MRT trains. Seems that he is captured on video phone at various times and different trains rides. Perhaps it’s the latest on-board entertainment? Any Cantonese ballads or Rasa Sayang anytime soon?

And another one….this with the “pole”


Breast Cancer Foundation: Tongue-in-cheek Ad campaign

Just saw this on my local newspaper The Sunday Times and quite surprised that our national newspaper is quite relaxed when it comes to body paint. But I suppose it’s for a good cause to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Definitely good creative with a balance of humour and visual appeal. Thumbs up to DDB Singapore.

The Breast Cancer Foundation in Singapore used the art of body painting to remind women about the dangers of breast cancer, the ad campaign tagline being “Are you obsessed with the right things?” Some womern are more obsessed with a pimple then they are concerned about breast cancer.

Go to their website by clicking here. By purchasing a Pink Ribbon you can show your support.

Coolest phone ever: iPhone4!

I am so excited about the new iPhone4. See the video below. It totally blows me away. Just when I hit a high with my first 3GS iPhone in November 2009, it has only been less than 1 year when I am so, so, so looking forward to this revolutionary new model.

iPhone rocks man! Apple rocks man!

Coolest Dance Video Ever

This morning my pastor was showing us a video clip before the sermon. I was wondering what it was gonna be, and then this video was something like a flash mob of lots of youths dancing in Singapore Changi Airport (check out the old uncle who also had some cool dance moves).

It was really cool, with the other airport passengers just having a surprised look and then enjoying the performance. I think some of them must have flown back to their own countries thinking that Singaporeans are really quite happening.

This was really nice. Good stuff.