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Food Review: Buffet Town


Service: Good. Staff are very attentive and clear plates fast

Variety: Excellent. Fresh seafood, sashimi, grilled meats and seafood, teppanyaki, zi char crabs, peranakan & singaporean cuisine, desserts

Best to make reservations. Location is basement one of Raffles City.

Food Review for New Burger Joint: Omakase Burger @ Old Turf Club


I saw this place being reviewed on 8Days magazine so I decided to check it out with my gf during a weekday afternoon. I met the owner’s dad who was helping out and he was very friendly and personable. Prices are on the higher side but I would say that it’s worth every dollar.

I tried the house burger called the Omakase Cheese Burger and the patty was done the way I like it – medium rare, very soft, juicy and hot, just made me want to keep on munching down on the burger. Good thing it was for tea time, ┬ácos if it was dinner time I think I’ll need to get another one. Tried the sweet potato fries. Nothing special. Next time I’ll try the cheese fries. Pickles are free for all available at the station for mustard, chilli and tomato sauce.

Root beer float in a frosted mug was nice.

Definitely will revisit again.

Value-for-money Roast Duck

Address: Blk 3020, Ubi Avenue 2.

Price: $15 per roasted duck

Tip #1: If you know how to chop it up, ask them for the whole duck and you can also skip the queue for them to chop it up. I feel that this will preserve the crispiness of the skin. On another occasion that I asked them to chop it up (no queue that day), I ran some errands and only brought the duck home after 1 hour. What resulted was that the skin became not so crispy, on borderline moist due to condensation in the styrofoam container.

Tip #2: Forget about the roast pork. That is only so-so.

Rating: 4/5

Taste: Flavourful, not too salty, cripsy skin (if you take back a whole unchopped duck), and each duck is quite big too.

Will definitely go back if I want to get a whole roast duck.

Good BBQ Seafood @ 526 Jurong West

This was a word of mouth recommendation from my army buddy.

And Terry is always right on the mark.

Two descriptives: Fragrant food at good prices

Went with the family yesterday to have dinner on Mother’s day. It was the first time there for my sis, second time there for the parents, third time there for me. We ordered fried rice (a must-have with the sambal belachan), grilled prawns (my fav dish of the night), grilled fish (solid), belachan sotong (nice juicy texture of the squid) and la la (clams were real fresh).

Must remember that the stall is in the middle, name something BBQ Seafood. See pic:

Bill for four pax: $59.

Nuff said.

Cheap and Good Fish Head Curry (4.5/5 stars)

Browsing through a fantastic local food guide website, I typed in my criteria for food near my place and also cheap and good.

Ended up at 89 Zion Road, #01-137.

It’s a really decrepit coffee shop, and the main stall selling tze char (hokkien for stir fry) is called Siang Hee Restaurant. Pic below:

Mum, Dad and I ordered an Asam Fish Head Curry, Sambal Belachan Kangkong, and Coffee Pork Ribs.

I like the sour asam, the brinjals and ladies fingers, and of course the fish. Ordered extra rice just for the curry.

Total bill for the food: $33

To market, to market

Since I love food – eating and cooking, then must also learn how to select the best ingredients.

Twice weekly, I go marketing with my mum in the morning at 730am.

There are several wet markets nearby. Some we go there for the fish, some the meat and vegetables.

Quite an experience watching housewives, old aunties and uncles making their rounds selecting their choice produce. Whenever, there’s a good deal, there will be a swarm of women crowding the stall, like that day when the small Groupa fish was really cheap, I think my mum bought about 8 for $5.

Steamboat and BBQ buffet (4/5 stars)

Went for dinner with a friend and thought of this place in Sunset Way.

It’s a mini village, but not to the scale of Holland V or others. Just some restaraunts, cafes amidst the lush greenery and tranquility of the sunset way housing estate.

And Fortune Cuisine is on my regulars list.

It has both elements of steamboat (choice of two soups: non spicy soup- chicken or seafood, and spicy- mala or tom yam) and bbq (your own charcoal stove if outdoors alfresco or they will cook the bbq in the kitchen for you if inside air-conditioned table).

I love the fresh seafood spread – crayfish, salmon, prawns, scallops on shells, flower crab, shishamo fish. Meats include different cuts and marinades of chicken, pork, beef, mutton. There is sashimi, tempura, cooked food, and other delights.

Food Galore

Staff are very attentive and clear your plates regularly.

In such a setting, I love just slowly eating out in the serene greenery, watching the BBQ slowly sizzle, and taking the time for good food and good conversation.

Quite opposite to the regular hustle and bustle, a mad rush of city living and eating.

Only remembered adult prices- Dinner: $22.80++, Lunch: $16.80++

Please call and book, else come early or be prepared to be on the waiting list.

Oh yeah, you may like to go to to search for exact address and telephone numbers. It’s a great website for food lovers.