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Best of the Web HD video series

For the first post of 2014, I was wondering what to blog. At first I wanted to do a piece titled The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, but I thought Anton Casey was over exposed already and since he had left Singapore, it was better to move on and leave that ugly episode to the history books.

One of my childhood buddies had decided to close shop, well for his blog that is, see his final post at

Seems like a blog is not so easy to maintain. Even my own one is very rarely updated with new blog postings.

But I discovered a series of cool HD videos on youtube. Excellent videography, sound effects, and colourful visuals – mostly of extreme sports, but also capturing great human endeavors and the beautiful world around us. Enjoy!

Movie Review: Unbeatable (4/5 stars)

ImageFirst off, I have to comment on Nick Cheung’s amazing ripped torso. At the grand age of 45, it is no mean feat to pull something like that off and he mentioned that his nine months of training and unappetizing diet is definitely very difficult to follow. But hats off to Nick for his dedication to his craft which would put him together with the ranks of Christian Bale, Daniel Day Lewis, Robert De Niro etc.

Nick’s performance of a down and out ex-boxing champion Chin Fai who is in debt and previously incarcerated for cheating by throwing matches is pretty convincing and makes for a good backstory. I thoroughly enjoyed his amazing chemistry with his co-star Crystal Lee (acting as cute and fiesty Dani). The young girl is full of character and needs to step up to mother her mum Gwen (acted by Mei Ting) who suffers from a mental breakdown due to earlier family tragedy. Chin Fai escapes from his creditors  in Hongkong and winds up in Macau being a fellow tenant in the same apartment as Gwen and Dani. In the meantime, his friend sets him a job as a janitor and part-time “boxercise” cheerleading aerobic instructor for a class of aunties. Good fun and some laughs there definitely.


Here, the other backstory is developed with the young protege fighter Lin Siqi acted by heart throb Eddie Peng who puts in an equally good performance as the 30 year old son of a former tycoon dad (played by Jack Kao) who lost everything including his will to get back on his feet. Lin Siqi was still a carefree traveller who has yet to discover his niche in life (school dropout), previously roaming the world with his family money till the newspapers splashed his dad’s bankruptcy. Siqi then goes to look for his dad who drowns his sorrow in liquor daily and takes up blue collar manual work at the construction sites to get by. One day, he sees the advertisement for the MMA (mixed martial arts) championship fight and wants to take part to inspire and motivate his father to get back on his feet. 

The chemistry between the leads Nick and Eddie is also great to watch as we see an unlikely mentor-mentee pairing. There is one scene where the two blokes accidentally touch lips during floor hold training, and that was hilarious too.

Besides the nicely developed storyline with good character development, what is a fight show without exciting, intense and expertly choreographed fight scenes. The camera work captures the kicks and punches precisely. I was literally at the edge of my seat holding my breath and clutching my fists every time I was rooting for the each of the guys to win. 

Game on. 

Unbeatable wins my vote.


The Psy factor in Gangnam Style


Today’s broadsheet newspapers declared Gangnam Style the most watched Youtube video in the world, overtaking Justin Bieber’s video at around 810 million views.

Wow! Salute.

When I first came across the video from a friend’s FB posting, it was only at 16 million views. Not bad for a video which was uploaded in July and within 5 months, it has hit the motherload.

For those who have not watched it yet (perhaps you’re new to the internet?), here’s the music video.

What makes Psy and Gangnam Style so popular?

Well, the video got me the moment I started watching. The infectious music beats, the energetic pace, the uber loud visuals, the cool kid dancing by Psy’s side (he must be 5 or 6 years old?).


And mostly Psy.

His choice of outlandish clothes, his irreverence and ability to poke fun at himself, and behind this crazy song is actually a neatly packaged satire mocking the Gangnam lifestyle: the excessive pursuit of image, good looks, success and affluence. Not as hollow as it originally seems, when you decipher the translated lyrics.

And I’d think parents will breathe a sigh a relief as this music video would likely get a PG-13 rating. No nudity, cleavages, bikinis or lingerie. The furthest it went was to portray a nice S (ass) doing some yoga thingy.


But beyond the Gangnam Style, Psy himself can do emotional songs pretty well too.

I liked his rendition of this song paying tribute to fathers.

Psy is going places for sure.

Did I mention that my current iPhone 5 ringtone belts “Oppa Gangnam Style, Hey Sexy Lady….OPP OPP OPP..”

1st posting, 1 day after 1.1.11

Nice email I got from wordpress on how my blog fared in 2010. It’s amazing that I have posted 254 entries since I began blogging in March 2008 in my 1st posting here.

Almost 3 years already and it’s been fun. A very big thank you to you readers out there and many of you who have posted very helpful comments.

A blessed 2011 to you and your family, with lots of joy, laughter and life!

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 8,300 times in 2010. That’s about 20 full 747s.

In 2010, there were 13 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 254 posts. There were 13 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 3mb. That’s about a picture per month.

Mr Brown’s latest parody: Pok Kai Face

Tongue-in-cheek Ad

The most literal imagery I have ever come across. Btw: details below for those who wish to support this cause.

Cat Welfare Society (CWS) teams up with Strip – Ministry of Waxing and MimiPong for a cheeky fundraising affair for the welfare of community cats all over Singapore!

This is the first wave of the tongue-in-cheek “What’s New Pussycat?” campaign conceptualised by Strip – Ministry of Waxing’s marketing team… and we certainly hope that with the increased awareness lured by the eye-catching image – more people can learn about CWS and what we do, as well as raise some funds!

Last 4 movies (sequels) I watched

One word sums up the movies being produced nowadays, which also parallels my blogging escapades – lacklasture.

Terminator Salvation, fourth instalment of the Terminator series, just fizzles under the weight of fan expectation, since the last 2003 B-grade flick. I was expecting Christian Bale to revitalise the whole franchise (just like Batman returns) but I guess, you’ll also need a good director. Special effects no longer wow in this time and era (unlike T2 with the then cool morphing effects), so plot needs to be solid, as do character development, which is below average.

Similarly, Angels and Demons seem to lack a punch. Somehow, Prof Langdon is a muted and watered-down version of the first film when he was so going on and on about Church mis-history. This is just a shortened version of the amazing race to find the 4 kidnapped cardinals.

And, what fury hath been unleashed by Wolverine? Nothing too extreme, nor savage, nor unexpected. The final showdown with Deadpool was a yawn.

Guess the only show living up to its franchise expectation was Fast and Furious 4. Yup, throw in a couple of fast cars, cool chicks, hot bods, and let the races begin. Loved the scene with the car advancing towards a crashing oil tanker.

I think the moguls at Hollywood need to rethink making sequels. Stick to old fashioned original stories, and really, really tell stories. Make us believe in the imaginary world you have created on screen. Let us feel the emotions of the characters, and make us catch our breath with the scene after scene of movie magic.

Vietnam Trip Part 1

Hello everyone, I’m back online.

Had quite a number of things to settle and people to catch up with after I returned to Singapore, so this explains the absence of new posts for a period of time.

As I promised, I’ve photo-captured my trip to Hanoi, Vietnam and divided it into 4 parts.

And presenting Part 1: Hanoi City

Hanoi Hotel (rates at USD70++ and USD85++ for single and double room)

Pictures taken from my hotel (Hanoi Hotel) which is situated next to a small lake.

Sex and The City (5/5 stars)

Get CARRIEd away

The long awaited movie of the hit series Sex and the City is finally here.

There was a debacle on each star’s pay package, who is bigger than who, who gets more exposure (well, I think the girls’ bits have been exposed here and there, especially the character Samantha Jones more so than the rest).

I’ve been a fan of the series and managed to catch the dvds of some entire seasons.

And I’m just so glad to see how it so neatly culminates in this movie finale.

The movie is thoroughly entertaining, with its fair share of laughter, fluffy bits, joys and sorrows, as well as movie moments of high strung emotion (be prepared for the part between Carrie and Mr Big).

Jennifer Hudson (of American Idol fame) plays a good supporting role as Carrie’s assistant.

As usual, modern Mars and Venus issues are intelligently brought up and the script is very well-written. Kudos to this series and what a good way to end.

Cheers to the first 50, and let’s look forward to 50 more good ones.

How to Order Your Priorities

Concise and really helpful, I simply had to reproduce this article I read from the book, Profiles of Success.

How to Order Your Priorities

by Patrick Morley

Priorities, like promises, need to be kept

Once we invited Bill Walton, co-founder of Holiday Inn who experienced a late-in-life conversion, to speak at an outreach dinner. As it happened, our Bible study was meeting at the next meeting so I invited Mr Walton.

The next morning after our Bible study, a group of about eight men, ages 30-45 spent two or three minutes describing where they were on their spiritual pilgrimages.

As each successful man shared, I noticed Mr Walton, a father of four, becoming more and more fidgety.

Finally, it was his turn to speak.

He said, “It is true that I helped to build a great corporation. But to do so I arrived at the office every morning by seven and rarely got home before ten o’clock at night.”

His brow furrowed, his shoulders drooped, and his lip quivered as he added, “I never saw a single little league baseball game.”

What are Priorities?

Mr Walton would have us know that men who fail usually fail because they didn’t manage their priorities.

The dictionary says that a “priority” is something to which we give precedence because of its urgency or importance. To “prioritize” means to arrange in order of importance.

Priorities, then are “pre-decisions” we make to decide in advance what we will give ourselves to. When we set priorities, we are literally writing history in advance.

Priorities become a grid to help us distinguish opportunity from distraction. They are filters throughout which we can sift daily decisions to make sure we keep on track. When we set priorities in advance, it reduces the pressure we feel when we must make decisions under fire.

The Example of Jesus

Jesus made decisions based on his priorities. One morning after a tiring night, Jesus went to have some time to himself. It was not to be…

At daybreak, Jesus went out to a solitary place.

The people came to where he was and tried to keep him from leaving them. But he said, “I must preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that it why I was sent.” (Luke 4:42-44)

Notice three things.

First, people tried to keep Jesus from leaving.

Perhaps they appealed to his compassion. The better job you do, the more people will ask you to do. Without intending to, people will ask you to do things that meet their needs, but don’t necessarily match your priorities.

Second, Jesus knew his purpose.

He said, “I must preach the Good News, because that it why I was sent.”

His purpose determined his priorities. He did not let the emotion of the moment affect his judgement. Since he decided in advance what he should do, he was not distracted.

Third, Jesus did what he was called to do.

The pressure to do that which is good but not best has put many wagons in the ditch.

There is one great rule for priority living we glean from the example of Jesus: make decisions on the basis of your priorities, not your pressures.

How to Prioritize

No man can do everything.

Choices must be made.

How can priorities help us make choices about how we invest our limited time and money?

Triage is the military technique of deciding how to prioritize treatment of wounded soldiers when a wave of new casualties swamps the capacity of the medic unit.

The helicopters bring back three groups of wounded soldiers:

  1. Those who will die no matter what is done.
  2. Those who will live even if treatment is delayed.
  3. Those who will live only if given immediate treatment

Can you guess the order of treatment?

For our personal decision-making we should conduct a little civilian triage:

  • Who can’t live without you, or you without them?
  • Who would you help if you didn’t have to neglect group 3 (those who would be ok with or without you)

Why is it that we often give the most of our time to those who care about us the least, and the least of our time to those who care about us the most?

That’s why we should decide in advance what our priorities ought to be, prioritizing everything on the basis of who will cry at our funeral.

Never Do Anything Someone Else Can Do

Many years ago I decided I would only do things I do well. That served a good purpose, because it kept me in my areas of competence.

However, I have also realized that simply because I do something well doesn’t mean it’s the best use of my time.

Since then I’ve added a “part two”.

I also don’t do anything if someone else can also do it.

Since I write and prepare messages at my home office, this means that I make a photocopy if I need one. But when I am at the ministry office I have someone else make it.

This principle frees for us an unusually large amount of time.

Try it. But don’t tell your wife to take out the trash instead of you – it really is something only you can do for reasons that should be obvious!

Distinguish opportunity from distraction. Many times distractions come disguised as opportunities.

Unless we have thought through who we are, what our lives are all about, and what’s important to us, we will not have the focus to choose the best.

Al Ries says that focus is the art of exclusion.

A great secret of priority living is to have so thought through your life that deciding what to include and exclude becomes second nature.

Recognize the Difference Between a Good Idea and a God Idea

We are naturally inclined to act on the impulse of a good idea.

But sometimes good ideas get in the way of God ideas.

Peter wanted to build three shelters for Moses, Elijah and Jesus at the Transfiguration. The Bible says, “that while he (Peter) was still speaking, God spoke.” (Matthew 17:5) In other words, Peter’s good idea was so impetuous that God literally interrupted Peter “while he was still speaking.”

Prayer removes the impulse of the good idea born of human ingenuity but not of God.

Pray, then plan.

It is the habit of a man who would distinguish between good ideas and God ideas.

Areas to Prioritize

Every one must take personal responsibility for his private life and set priorities in five areas:

  • his relationship with God,
  • his relationship with his wife,
  • his relationship with his children,
  • his finances, and
  • his health (including leisure and rest

No one else will, or can, do this for you.

Also a man must set priorities for his work and his personal ministry.

Patrick Moley is a business leader, men’s author, and speaker. He is Chairman and CEO of Man in the Mirror, a ministry which conducts church-sponsored men’s events. Patrick has been used to help men think more deeply about their lives, to be reconciled with Christ, and to be equipped to have a larger impact on the world. To contact Man in the Mirror, write 154 Wilshire Blvd., Casselberry, FL 32707, or call: 407-331-0095