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Breast Cancer Foundation: Tongue-in-cheek Ad campaign

Just saw this on my local newspaper The Sunday Times and quite surprised that our national newspaper is quite relaxed when it comes to body paint. But I suppose it’s for a good cause to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Definitely good creative with a balance of humour and visual appeal. Thumbs up to DDB Singapore.

The Breast Cancer Foundation in Singapore used the art of body painting to remind women about the dangers of breast cancer, the ad campaign tagline being “Are you obsessed with the right things?” Some womern are more obsessed with a pimple then they are concerned about breast cancer.

Go to their website by clicking here. By purchasing a Pink Ribbon you can show your support.

Tongue-in-cheek Ad

The most literal imagery I have ever come across. Btw: details below for those who wish to support this cause.

Cat Welfare Society (CWS) teams up with Strip – Ministry of Waxing and MimiPong for a cheeky fundraising affair for the welfare of community cats all over Singapore!

This is the first wave of the tongue-in-cheek “What’s New Pussycat?” campaign conceptualised by Strip – Ministry of Waxing’s marketing team… and we certainly hope that with the increased awareness lured by the eye-catching image – more people can learn about CWS and what we do, as well as raise some funds!