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Book Review: I Quit! by Geri Scazzero


Foreword by Peter Scazzero:

The most loving thing Geri ever did for me was to quit the church I pastor. Yes, a part of me wanted to kill her for the humiliation I felt. But God used her courageous decision to change my life in profound ways.

I Quit! is based on Geri’s story, but I believe it is a story we all share; at some point, quitting is something each of us must do. Every person who follows Jesus need to discover and apply these truths that have become so disconnected from our spiritual formation in Christ.

Until now, I have been the chief beneficiary of this message, learning up close form Geri each of the “I Quits” described in this book. Over the last fifteen years I have learned how to quit as a parent, a husband, and a pastor/leader. While initially difficult, this journey has led to a level of freedom and joy in the Christian life that I never imagined was possible.

In fact, the principles of I Quit! are foundational to our spiritual formation ministries and leadership values at New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, New York.

It was revolutionary to hear of a pastor’s wife quitting on the church that he pastors, and quitting on over-functioning at home and yet it did so many wonders for their marriage, relationship, family and his leadership. Most of all, it did wonders for the quitter, Geri Scazzero.

And like most societies, where I come from, little tiny red dot called Singapore, our leaders frown on quitting and label “Quitters” as a derogatory term to insinuate that these people cannot make it, are irresponsible and disloyal to whatever they chose to quit.

More importantly, Geri states that what needs to be quit on is to quit being afraid of what others think; to quit lying to yourself and others; to quit dying to the wrong things; to quit denying anger, sadness and fear; to quit blaming; to quit over-functioning; to quit faulty thinking and to quit living someone else’s life.

Nuff’ said. Go read the book and start quitting!