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Book Review: Property Jewels the proven path

Author: Renesial Leong

ISBN: 983414012

Genre: Property Investment

Published by Right Lifestyle Sdn Bhd

After attending Renesial’s weekend seminar in Singapore, it warms my heart to know that such a loving, caring, genuinely sincere and honest person exists among those who have reached a certain standing in life.

Renesial is another fellow human being who can and does make a difference to many people’s lives.

I like that her motivation in life to do well stems from desiring to have the CHOICE to spend time with loved ones, doing the things she likes (she’s a travel bug), and quite altruistically, giving back to society.

Her humble beginnings started from investing in 1 property in Malaysia some 19 years ago to owning over 90 properties worldwide today, earning her in excess of $100,000 rental income per month.

Many of her personal experiences were shared in the seminar (also covered in this book) so that we know from first-hand stories the pitfalls as well as the strategies to succeed in property investment.

Renesial is as direct and truthful as you can get. Her no-hold’s barred style is so refreshing amidst the proliferation of many other slick and articulate seminar presenters who tend to tease with bits of generic information and mostly come with lots of ra-ra.

Hats off, dear Renesial.

For copies of her book do visit this website or call (65) 6883 2181 for Singapore. Click here to get to Renesial’s website.