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Hush little Puppy…sleeping so soundly

Various sleeping poses…



Love is…

Just went for my church’s focus group today. Rather it is a zone level one which my cell shephard asked me to take part in.

And i sheepishly told the facilitator that it was my first day (it was session 4 since the year began). Bo bian, missed the first few cos of cg retreat, reservist, and work.

Some of you are wondering now what relation it has to dating. Well, the topic today was LOVE.

In general, love can be classified in 4 types:

Eros– This is the word used for sensual or physical love. Eros was the Greek god of love.

Stergo– This word means to feel affection, especially the affection between parents and children. It is also used of the affection of a people for their king or a dog for his master.

Philo–This is the general word for love and affection. It is used for attraction of people to one another without regard for family relationships, such as philadelphia, the love of a friend or brother

Agape –This is the word for Godly love.

And of course, God’s love is the greatest.

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. (KJV)

Interestingly, emotional love is only scrapping the top of the barrel. We all concurred that true love always involves long-suffering and sacrifice.

It’s a piece of cake to love people who are generally nice and good.

Try flipping the coin and love your greatest enemy. It’s a struggle right?

How can you love that guy who’s always gunning for your position and spreading tales about you?

How can you love that person who’s so nasty, bitter, and cynical, always downright pessimistic?

And could you possibly love someone who has betrayed your trust, confidence, and hurt you?

Jesus did. And He asked us to do the same.

In the same context, I believe we ought to approach every new friend we make with a same spirit. And if you really love your partner, it involves lots of unconditional sacrifice and giving.

Love does hurt. Ouch!

But anything worth that much to you must be paid for with a heavy price.

And usually you give what is dearest to you.

I am McLaren, Hear me ROAR!

Singapore’s first F1 race…coming real soon…..

mclaren in sg

Went for a free preview of the F1 to come to our shores come September.

4pm to 6pm on Sunday at the long straight road along grand old City Hall. I tell you, the engine was loud man. Can’t wait to actually see a race live.

There is really something about men and fast cars.

It’s to do with power. The feeling of having something so great under your control and fancy. Tickets are sure expensive though.

Any tai-tais wanna adopt a godson?


Was looking around for a funny pic for my customised header bar…

Chanced upon the following gems.

Mas Selamat nabbed in Europe. No point act blur, we can recognise you anywhere, after millions of posters, mmses, smses. Thanks interpol! Now can go JB….

Mas Selemat found in Europe!

The only way to break up with your internet-addicted partner.

Break-up technique

Definitely NOT a COUPLES T-Shirt.

Wrong T-Shirt for Couples

Speaking from a choking personal experience.

Corny spaceman

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…..

Hell hath no fury….

All I want for Xmas is my two front teeth…

Yes, Sherry is losing her milk teeth.

So happens to be in front first.

Toothless dog

Snowbells Ringing

Last thurday, Singapore saw hailstones raining for a brief 20 minutes in some parts of Bishan, AMK and TP.

The news article was featured on channelnewsasia site.

Seems like with the weather being out of whack all over the world, I can perhaps pray for some air-con over our sunny isle.

Rudolf, will you be landing in Singapura anytime soon?

House of Spills

Yes, Crystal Jade Kitchen at BJ should be aptly renamed as such.

It is amazing.

Normally you wouldn’t bat an eyelid when someone spills something or drops a plate in the restaurant. So during lunch, a waiting staff crashed some plates. No big deal….carry on eating/talking…

Then the patrons on the table on my right spilled their drink all over the table. Ok ….careless…careless…I thought to myself…

5 minutes later, the patron on my left spilled their drinks as well. Gosh, butter fingers today for everyone…

The grand finale was when another waitress overturned the water on the table on the right which spilled onto my friend. Over her legs and shoes.

It is just so hard to fathom.

Perhaps we missed a signboard outside the restaurant “Free meal with every spillage”?