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Movie Review: The Shinjuku Incident (4/5 stars)


This is a non-typical Jackie Chan movie, firstly because JC did not direct it, nor get involved in the stunt chereography, nor inject his slapstick humour into it.

In fact, this is a more gritty drama from Director Derek Yee who was responsible for Protege and One Night in Mongkok.

So there is hardly much of the usual JC action and moves. Yes there are fight scenes and the violence is especially graphic and gruesome (many severed hands, open wounds).

But the triad story is nicely told and has good character development (kudos to Daniel Wu for doing a very good portrayal of Ah Jie who undergoes a metamorphasis to become a colourful dopehead.)

So will Jackie Chan become Asia’s Robert De-Niro? We’ll see….