Monthly Archives: June 2010

Coolest phone ever: iPhone4!

I am so excited about the new iPhone4. See the video below. It totally blows me away. Just when I hit a high with my first 3GS iPhone in November 2009, it has only been less than 1 year when I am so, so, so looking forward to this revolutionary new model.

iPhone rocks man! Apple rocks man!

Coolest Dance Video Ever

This morning my pastor was showing us a video clip before the sermon. I was wondering what it was gonna be, and then this video was something like a flash mob of lots of youths dancing in Singapore Changi Airport (check out the old uncle who also had some cool dance moves).

It was really cool, with the other airport passengers just having a surprised look and then enjoying the performance. I think some of them must have flown back to their own countries thinking that Singaporeans are really quite happening.

This was really nice. Good stuff.

Janice and Sonia (JS) – Youtube Music Video

I came across this on my friend’s facebook update, and boy, these twin gals Janice and Sonia aged 22 from Sydney, Australia are really good. So I’ll be posting a few more of their clips for everyone to enjoy.

And this is one of my favourite songs Hosanna from Hillsongs